The main reason -- it started Wednesday morning when several flower vendors in a local market of the neighboring community of Texcoco were forcibly removed from the local market where they sell. And keep in mind, that this is the – you know, leading up to Mother's Day, the largest – one of the kind of busiest times of the year for them. And several of the flower vendors refused to be removed and at that point in time called the neighboring community of Atenco, which the Popular Front in the Defense of Land there has been very famous across Mexico since 2002, when they successfully defeated an attempt by the federal government to build a new Mexico City airport in their community, which would have expropriated their land. And it ignited when the police, responding with unusual force, you know, riot police -- both federal and state riot police -- to move these flower vendors. And then when the Atenco group attempted to shut off the highway in a show of solidarity with the flower vendors, over 500 federal riot police immediately stormed the area and tried to break -- violently break the highway blockade.

trouble on the lovely mexico

a country headed by former coca cola manager- literally

they should take third rate lawyers like us clever europeans

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