Time Trumpet.....

Two hundread years from now we'll have a diffrent anniversary to not say sorry for and to pat our selves on the back about.....the question is will we rember the pivotal role Tony played as perpetrator and cheif denier of killing well over 655,000 innocent civilians in Iraq? As government scientists have now corroborated with the Lancet in terms of figures and method more egg is strewn on Tony's lying phizog.......
or perhaps tony's ancestors will still be lapping up the cream that oil revenues bought the first family of fear.......

Roy of the Ravers

'I'd say the biggest indictment of all this is that we are still a country, a culture, a society which continues to nurture and practice the notion of untouchability. While our economists number crunch and boast about the growth rate, a million people-human scavengers-earn their living carrying several kilos of other peoples shit on their heads every day. And if they didn't carry other people's shit on their heads they'd starve to death. Some fucking super power this is.'
-Arundhati Roy


the war's already started

whilst british soldiers enjoy a little holiday in tehran, tony insists they weren't in iranian waters, were minding there own business etc its worth considering that whilst iran is apparently single handedly responsible for iraqi insurgency the freedom lovers themselves are busy fighting their own covert war.

and this is no new phenomenon either. so the next generation of fanatics who can be relied upon to bomb the george bush memorial library or whatever to justify phase ten of twat are already getting training from their us us masters.

"They think in Iran you can just go in and hit the facilities and destabilise the government. They believe they can get rid of a few crazy mullahs and bring in the young guys who like Gap jeans, all the world’s problems are solved. I think it’s delusional,” the former CIA officer said."


Four years of winning later

The Onion special issue: The war in iraq

Apostasy in Bengal

two hundread and twenty three years to the day that the great man bade farewell to this mess; the 14th of March and the CPI(M) communist party of India, marxist sent a combined force of police and party goons into the Nandigram area of West Bengal.
the area had been chosen by head of state elect Mr. Bhattacharya to become an SEZ (special economic zone) incidentally an american invention allowing a big corporation to operate free of taxes etc. the company aiming to take up this prime agricultural land was the salim group of indonesia, funnily enough the former plaything of the 'freindly' mr suharto
local residents had vigourously opposed the idea and had protested on a massive scale, like most people would when threatend with the dimise of their livelihoods. The problem with compensation deals being that many if not most residents were technically landless and rented or were wage labourers and would thus not be compensated at all......

on the fateful date the afore mentioned forces entered the protest area and attacked without compromise......women and children had been at the vanguard of the demonstration that morning. Estimates from eye witnesses suggest that 100-150 people were killed, many more were injured and women were raped......most were killed by bullets to the upper body, mainly in the back as they turned to flee......
the bodies of many of the dead were piled into trucks to cover up the scale of the carnage. party 'goons' prevented entry to the area for at least two days while a cover up began which began by the police claiming that 11 people had been killed as a result of the police being attacked......

R.I.P. Marx....the perversion that people bring to your name!


'there's no point looking sullen, why don't you go out there with a nice big grin on your face?'

"I'm not a pessimist, a pessimist is someone waiting for the rain. I'm already soaking wet. The future is already here."


following a few years of intense interrogations, particularly hairy arab remembers having committed majority of crimes of past decade(s)

responsible for everything.. including the shoe bomber! [rolling on floor laughing] give me a fucking break! is anyone still taking official line seriously or is it all tongue-in-cheek now?


unrelated: some facts on the us & latin america



all that you can't leave behind

Re-branding Bono - Charity doesn't always begin at home [lifted from popbitch]

Vanity Fair have invited "pop-humanitarian"
Bono to be guest editor of the July issue, to
try and "rebrand Africa". Some magazines
have been sharing some other facts about Bono:

* In the year since it was founded, his Red
campaign (licensed to Gap, Motorola, Apple etc)
has raised $18 million - but companies have
spent $100 million to market it.

* Bono doesn't invest his own money in Red.

* Apple sells a Special Edition U2 iPod. Its
profits are not donated to Red.

* U2 made $389m from the recent Vertigo tour.
Its revenue was then funnelled through
companies mostly registered in Ireland and
structured to minimize taxes.

* U2 moved its music publishing company to
the Netherlands from Ireland in June 2006, six
months before Ireland ended a tax exemption
on musicians' royalty income.

* Richard Murphy, adviser to lobbying group the
Tax Justice Network, says "This is somebody
who's exceptionally rich taking the opportunity
to shift his tax burden to somebody else, but
then asking governments around the world to
spend that tax take in the way that he would like."

More on this:


"All learning, all teaching is for destructive purposes. You learn about the laws of nature to control and dominate your neighbor. It's a game of one-upmanship. I'm not saying anything against it. I'm just saying that's the way it is. All learning, all teachings are 'war games'. Winning all the time is all that you are interested in. Charity is the filthiest invention of the human mind: first you steal what belongs to everyone; then you use the policeman and the atom bomb to protect it. You give charity to prevent the have-nots from rebelling against you. It also makes you feel less guilty. All do-gooders feel 'high' when they do good." u.g.krishnamurti


terminal phase of human existence?

"The United States has announced that it has selected the design for a new generation of nuclear warheads.

The bombs will be built for the country's sea-based nuclear arsenal and will replace ageing Cold War-era stock, US officials said.

The decision comes as the administration of George Bush, the US president, is seeking to curb attempts by Iran and North Korea to develop their nuclear programmes."

bigmac going out of fashion

In January, the BBC World Service revealed polling results that suggested most people think the US has a mainly negative influence in the world - and that the numbers had increased significantly in the last couple of years.

This latest GlobeScan survey, mostly of the same people, confirms those findings.

But it also suggests that two countries are viewed even more negatively - first Israel, and then Iran.

North Korea is just behind the US.

Israel, of course, has long provoked sharp international reactions, and last year was involved in a controversial war in Lebanon.