Apostasy in Bengal

two hundread and twenty three years to the day that the great man bade farewell to this mess; the 14th of March and the CPI(M) communist party of India, marxist sent a combined force of police and party goons into the Nandigram area of West Bengal.
the area had been chosen by head of state elect Mr. Bhattacharya to become an SEZ (special economic zone) incidentally an american invention allowing a big corporation to operate free of taxes etc. the company aiming to take up this prime agricultural land was the salim group of indonesia, funnily enough the former plaything of the 'freindly' mr suharto
local residents had vigourously opposed the idea and had protested on a massive scale, like most people would when threatend with the dimise of their livelihoods. The problem with compensation deals being that many if not most residents were technically landless and rented or were wage labourers and would thus not be compensated at all......

on the fateful date the afore mentioned forces entered the protest area and attacked without compromise......women and children had been at the vanguard of the demonstration that morning. Estimates from eye witnesses suggest that 100-150 people were killed, many more were injured and women were raped......most were killed by bullets to the upper body, mainly in the back as they turned to flee......
the bodies of many of the dead were piled into trucks to cover up the scale of the carnage. party 'goons' prevented entry to the area for at least two days while a cover up began which began by the police claiming that 11 people had been killed as a result of the police being attacked......

R.I.P. Marx....the perversion that people bring to your name!

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