better than doughnuts in a wheat field

"Partying like it's 1989? These days, as rave veteran Sarah Champion discovers, the kids are as young as 12, the drug is laughing gas, the venues are forest glades and the music is harder and faster. One thing hasn't changed, though - trying to keep one step ahead of the police."

i had a lot of fun a couple of wends back at the secret garden party (viva to joe for getting me free entry x), anyone buying hippie crack on sat night from the main bar will remember me looking rather lost in a hi vis jacket, hat and make up, since i didn't even work there but it did prove a sensible way of finding my lost friends (and making some new ones). al fresco, unpoliced party. big it up.

was informed of busted out party too (video here) but friday left me to confused to make it, which was just as well really. thetford forest scene definitely most exciting place to be in norfolk i can assure you!

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