2 semite fractions apparently intent on decimating each other- danke!

"Minorities are the biggest problem in the world," he said in his soft, Russian-accented English.

When Avigdor Lieberman, a populist Israeli politician frequently compared to Austria's Jörg Haider and France's Jean-Marie le Pen, proposed to bus thousands of Palestinians to the Dead Sea and drown them there, he was just a fringe member of government.

Mr Lieberman, whose addition to the coalition as "strategic threat" minister prompted the resignation of a cabinet colleague, also said that Israel's 1.25 million Arab minority was a "problem" which required "separation" from the Jewish state. "We established Israel as a Jewish country," he said. "I want to provide an Israel that is a Jewish, Zionist country. It's about what kind of country we want to see in the future. Either it will be an [ethnically mixed] country like any other, or it will continue as a Jewish country."

Mr Lieberman does not explain how he plans to separate Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem, whose eastern half is home to several hundred thousand Palestinians but which Israel has annexed to form its "eternal and undivided capital". The aide said: "He will not compromise on Jerusalem."

telegraph, with picture of superiority complex semite in question

zmag, who seem intent in letting the supposedly inferior semite speak out:

"Our problem is with Israeli society," said Tibi. "The appointment of this racist and fascist sends a message to me as an Arab and a human being."

there's also an ongoing "incursion" into the gaza ghetto. apparently paramedics are standing in the way as per usual, and even the pope is quoted criticisin the good fight. Has he forgotten about the holocaust, and the fact that his boss jesus was a jew?

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