A Saddam in the hand is worth two in the Bush

President Bush chose the occasion of the fifth, yes the fifth, anniversary of 9-11 to reveal to us all the shocking revelation that Saddam Hussein was not responsible for 9-11.

Slow on the uptake as the leaders of our countries are, this adds another alarmingly, glaringly obvious fact that George Bush and Tony Blair appear to be the last people on Earth to have realised:

1) Global warming exists
2) Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction
and now
3) Saddam Hussein had no connections to 9-11

Useful facts like these for the understanding of the modern world will have to continue to be proven far beyond any reasonable doubt, repeated constantly and then etched onto the retinas of these stubbornly delusional creatures until they finally bring themselves to believe them. Meanwhile any old horse shit spouted by megalomaniac, Nazi fundamentalist, semi literate, Jesus fetishists is happily digested as the way things are...

If you pin this useful wallchart from the guardian onto the back of your toilet door, the complex nature of the 'war on terror' and 'terror attacks' will be communicated to you through natty graphics and largely fabricated statistics. The Guardian Group takes no responsibility for the effects this silly simplification may have on your bowel movements.

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