satire is dead

Latest Hitlering Update from Lenin's Tomb

oh... and on no account believe anything you read in the media about so called "raves", it is all complete rubbish.

SchNEWS warns all readers - always dance like nobody’s watching. Honest!

This is a classic example of deeply misinformed nonsense from the ever reliable Daily Mail, it is hilarious, and full of gems that Chris Morris would be proud of: "a resurgence in illegal rave parties, fuelled by confusion over the Government's reclassification of drugs and pocket money prices for substances."

- has there been a resurgence? probably not
- are they fuelled by confusion over drug reclassification? No - "ravers" are probably much clearer on the current classifications of all drugs than the folks at the daily mail are
- the phrase "pocket money prices for substances" is worthy of brass eye.

"Upstairs en-suite bedrooms have been turned into communal sleeping areas where at least eight punk squatters are living.

One squatter, sporting a huge green mohican haircut and nose piercings, said: 'All we were doing was having peace parties, man

satire is dead

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