die revolution sagt: ich war, ich bin, ich werde sein

Who were se Baader-Meinhof gang?

Meinhof gang killer to be freed

more info on this killer:

Many condemned their tactics but understood their disgust with the new order, particularly one where former Nazis enjoyed prominent roles.

..Hanns Martin Schleyer, a former officer of the SS and NSDAP member who was then President of the German Employers' Association (and thus one of the most powerful industrialists in West Germany)..

dead.. boo-hoo!

raf activities

"Green member Antje Vollmer stated that they "have been longer in prison than any Nazi criminal."


It should be noted that the statement is incorrect: Rudolf Hess served over 40 years in prison."

perhaps it should also be noted that the fascists had a lot more blood on their hands

many didnt go to prison at all, and never will

innit tony

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