Loose change goes a long way

Shock horror George there's a 9-11 conspiracy theory film!

George Monbiot and the Guardian have covered this debate in a way which is predictable, consistent with other commentators such as Medialens and less critical outlets, and probably right... however most of us were having this discussion six months ago.

Another theme that is constantly revisited by political commentators of the left and right, those blessed with a brain and those not, is of course, Islam and 'multiculturalism', subjects with which I seem to spend an inordinate ammount of my time.

Anyway a centre right think tank released this report a few days ago, detailing the radicalisation of British muslim ideas and generally critiquing the goverment's confused post-modern, liberal, 'multicultural' policies.

Today, prominent scholars on multiculturalism and racism in britain savaged the report in a letter to the Guardian...

I think i can diplomatically intervene here to inform you that the government's 'multicultural' policies do seem to be contradictory and creating segregated communities (to agree with the authour's of the report and Nick Cohen) but that the report does seem to be making some heavy assertations and wading into a debate where telephone interviews and quantitative research techniques on these tricky issues perhaps don't hold enough weight to add more than an annoyance to the debate...

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