Legalise It

A letter to bob ainsworth, former defence and home office minister, who called for a review of drug legalisation.

Mr. Ainsworth

I nearly chocked on my Crunchy Nut reading of an MP stating the obvious truth about the failure of drug policy and the need for legalisation.

Drug addiction is a public health problem not a criminal justice matter.

People like to get loaded - visit ANY UK town centre on a Saturday night - and alcohol, more than any other drug, fuels violence, accidents and health problems. Alcohol is more toxic than heroin. Fact. You go cold turkey on heroin, it won't kill you. Cold turkey on alcohol, the increase in brain activity can cause a seizure that will kill you.

Should alcohol be banned? No.

Do healthy people want to kill themselves with drugs? No. They want to be healthy.

Damn you Bob Ainsworth for being defence secretary and presiding over needless murder and bloodshed - as Dylan said of the Masters of War "even Jesus could never forgive what you do." Come out against the war and maybe I'll take a more charitable view. You gotta admit its as pointless as the war on drugs - be honest with me as well as with yourself!

History will certainly judge you, and maybe karma/god/whatever will judge you too. You feel happy about that, given your complicity?

Damn you too for saying nothing when you were at the Home Office (I appreciate it would have been career suicide but Prof Nutt had the balls and you didn't).

BUT thank you for having the courage to say something and add your voice, and bring some publicity, to ending this stupid and pointless 'war on drugs' - a war which people on drugs appear to be winning (cf. Bill Hicks).

Luke 15:7

"Don't give up (coz you have friends)" Kate Bush

In solidarity

P.S. Change your Twitter pic - it makes you look like Hitler. Either your staffers (hello) are incompetent or are taking the piss.

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