A letter to my Mp: the London attacks

Dear Mr. David Lepper,
During he past weeks the British people have been subjected to a modicum, an almost incomparable, yet telling quantity, of fear that ourPrime minister has subjected upon the Iraqi people. Although two wrongs will never make a right, these actions represent or demonstrate the effect that our taxes and armed forces have upon the citizens of Iraq. Although our prime minister may have made irreparable damage in Iraq it is now evident that British citizens, not only ones who sign up to beTrained killers, but ordinary peaceful folk, now feel the effect of his disgusting actions. As my representative in parliament, I would please ask you to petition the necessary powers to give the police the new measures they crave to tackle the causes of terrorism at its heart; illegal, spurious wars in which tens of thousands are killed of which Mr. Blair must surely be a prime suspect. The unceasing curtailment of liberties and the 'war on terror' have thus far not been successful in preventing terrorism. It is vital thus to look rationally at how are plight can be changed.
I write this fully aware of your mixed response to the conflict in question but feel that we have a moral obligation to make those responsible, at the highest level, for the tragedies of these last few years pay, in whatever way possible, for their crimes.
Yours sincerely,
Joe Z

(no resonse received, the police, since time of writing have grabbed the powers they crave by the balls and demonstrated them on some Brazilian chap: arbritary underground murder)

Will update when the bastard gets round to replying!

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