tragic irony - Christian refugees

Christian refugees are fleeing persecution in newly "democratic" Iraq. They have been subject to increasing violence, kidnapping and church burning since the end of Saddam's Ba'athist regime.

The majority of them are fleeing to Syria, which now has an estimated 700,000 refugees from Iraq, 20% of them Christians. Ba'athist Syria, under criticism from the US (see below) is a relatively safe haven for these refugees, who join Sunnis from Falluja and refugees from other parts of Iraq.

Syria is refusing them permission to work, driving many to desperate measures such as prostitution.

We await comments on this issue from those good Christians Tony Blair and George Bush... So far western governments are refusing to allow Christians refugee status, claiming that Iraq is now a safe country.

Apparently this is part of a process called Lakotization according to the blog "tdaxp" which has a tastefull photo with the caption, "the whore of Babylon". They translate the strange word as: "a type of network disintegration that can be used to destroy pre-modern networks eg: To destroy an enemy whose strength is his families, you must destroy his families. This is happening in Iraq, which is good news. Earlier I blogged about how we have turned Fallujah into an open air prison. Now we are going to the next stage, and destroying the families of the Fallujin.".
It makes more sense if you read the post on tdaxp

strange stuff... but that's the christian spirit for you...

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