"one death out of 57"

"Sir Ian urges context on Menezes

Sir Ian Blair has urged the public not to let the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes overshadow the deaths of 52 victims of the London bombers."

it says: "the police took responsibility". where? to take responsibility seems to be a nice turn of phrase that has no bearing to reality whatsoever. quite to the contrary.

blair continues his lame attempt to justify a murder in cold blood, exploiting the deaths of 52 bomb victims to somehow account for this fatal accident. but as we know, de menezes was only implicated in the london bombings by way of a severe fuckup on behalf of blair's hired killers. he has nothing to do with the 52 victims that were bombed, it's not "one death out of 57".

this "context" which blair refers to, is the same cataclysmic and clearly wrong "context" that led to this fatal farce in the first place. the notion of "context" ecclipses any responsibility that an acting subject may have, elevating the whole occurrence into the realm of fate, a determinist view on a chain of events that was inevitable given the war on terror.

bullshit officer.

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