The most corrupt country in the world....

Corruption in Bangladesh An Analytical and Sociological Study

Fast-track costs of business
We provide here a one-stop guide to the ‘right places’ to pay bribes if you’re setting up a factory, and of course the estimated amounts, assuming it is a medium-sized plant. These amounts were determined on the basis of interviews with entrepreneurs and rates will vary from venture to venture.

Guide to important palms to grease

87.62% of the household members who went to the police administration for submitting complaints during the previous year were victims of corruption. 79.83% of those against whom complaints were lodged with the police during the previous year fell prey to police corruption. 90.91% of those household members who went to the police to obtain a clearance certificate had to face corruption, as did 95.65% of those who were arrested on false charges by police. 75% of those household members who went to police administration for other assistance from the police were faced with corruption.

police and thieves

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