witty man..

"Human survival is of much lower priority for Tony Blair than making sure that he gets invited to George Bush's ranch."

bless the tony tosspott

SUN WOO LEE: It is known that you describe yourself as a libertarian socialist and a sympathizer of anarcho-syndicalism. Have you ever tried to put the ideas of libertarian socialism and anarcho-syndicalism into action like actually building such a community or a society apart from a series of talks and writings?

NOAM CHOMSKY: An individual can't create a society. But you can help create the basis for libertarian societies. And that's happening in many places. There is worker control of industries. There's self-governing communities, there's by now mass popular movements which are calling for greater democracy and freedom. All of these are steps towards - they are efforts to - reduce corporate power. All of these are steps towards a more libertarian, cooperative society. There's nothing you can click your fingers and get. You could form a community somewhere of 25 people and live this way. Nice for them, but it has no impact. So, yes, that's what the talks and the organization and my meetings and so on are for.

Nice for them it shall be! ;-)

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