are you having a laugh? president to kill "who he wants, when he wants"

not content with murdering johnny foreigner as and when the fancy takes him, the increasingly pharaonic president obama has apparently decided he can dispatch locals as well. no taxation without representation? fuck off granddad - i'm gonna make king herod look like andy williams. judicial oversight? you're having a laugh. americans used to like their constitution too. never mind hey. hopefully the president won't decide to murder you. mind you, you should be aware that a quarter (at least) of the victims of drone strikes have been civilians so even if the president spares you, you might find yourself being collateral damage. that's just the price of freedom i guess. "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety" said Benjamin Franklin but i say to him piss off to burning man you hippie dick. 11,708 firearm homicides last year, response = nada. 17 terrorism deaths (US civilians) in 2011, response = return to feudal era when tyrants could kill who they like. the difference between a free society and a tyranny is that in the former there is a least an attempt to administer justice, however crudely, through some kind of formal process. the president can't just decide to kill someone even if he/the cia/biden's mum thinks they're definitely a wrong un. interestingly even the homicide rate is dwarfed by the number of people who decide they are sick of living in the greatest country in the world (38,364). consider the more honourable, british way of extrajudicial murder - bin off their passports first. job done.
coming soon to a town near you

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