crucifying schedule

Further to yesterday's post, the Saudi's are currently delaying the crucifixion of a thief and the execution of several others. I just wrote to the Saudi Embassy, if you share my view's on cruxifixion, perhaps you might write to their embassy in your country - Sir Thanks to the King for halting the executions of Sarhan bin Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Mashayekh, Sa’id bin Hassan bin Ahmed al-‘Amri, Ali bin Muhammad bin Hazam al-Shihri, Nasser bin Sa’id bin Sa’ad al-Qahtani, Sa’id bin Nasser bin Muhammad al-Shahrani, Abdul Aziz bin Saleh bin Muhammad al-‘Amri and Ali bin Hadi bin Sa’id al-Qahtani. I would politely request the Saudi authorities investigate the seven men's allegations that they were tortured and otherwise ill-treated and respectfully urge them to ensure that the seven men receive a new trial that fully meets the international standards for fair trial and does not have recourse to the death penalty. Kindly consider banning crucifixion, it would be most merciful. Yours faithfully

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