coca farming prez

So more staff can be hired for Bolivia's education, health and social programs, President Elect Evo Morales announced that he and his cabinet will take a 50% pay cut. The 46-year-old leader slashed his future salary of about $3600 a month to $1800.

selfless! just like our tony tosspott :-D

Mr Morales will be able to point to the sort of measures unveiled on Tuesday if, as seems likely, he moves more slowly on other pledges such as nationalisation of the gas industry or easing restrictions on growing the coca plant.

Mr Morales also announced that his first foreign trip as president-elect would be to Cuba, a country he has long admired.

This visit will be closely watched in Washington, which fears the potential influence in Latin America of an alliance between Cuba, Bolivia and oil-rich Venezuela.

parasitical (yes thats what those figures mean) banana thieves panicked!

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