The Sting in the tale of Democracy: Hamas

'Democracy is about renouncing violence'-Jack Straw
'Hundreds of Israeli civilians have died in nearly 60 Hamas suicide bombings'-the Guardian

How can one respond to Jack Straw's comment said with not an ounce of irony or humour? This utterly ridiculous comment made on tv shows the perplexion with which the news of Hamas' election victory has been greeted. Obviously Tony hasn't heard what its all 'about'........
So how many civilians has the Likud party killed? Is it really true that democracies never fight each other? As Hamas sweeps to power we will see non governmental terrorism converted into official terrorism just like every other government; violence against its own citizens and the states enemies. How will this compare to their Israeli rivals? The lines of defiinition between terrorists and state blur even further in the confused rhetoric of 21st century terror speak. The double standards of western democracy and condemning opposition will now be exposed on a grand scale. 'the election result is a major embarassment'

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