"Death and taxes are both certain . . . But death isn't annual."

A PURTON pensioner has been warned by magistrates that he could face jail after withholding 10 per cent of his income tax payments in protest against the Iraq war.

Douglas Barker, 72, a former RAF serviceman, appeared at Chippenham Magistrates' Court yesterday to defend his actions.

The court heard that when sending back his tax return in July he included a letter explaining why he was withholding a portion of his bill.

He has put the money aside and says he wants to donate it to children and families in Iraq instead of giving it to the Government.

Barker was given a liability order by the magistrates and told that he would face jail if he continues not to pay the sum.

Prosecuting, Amanda Cassidy, of the Inland Revenue, said Mr Barker had paid his income tax, but was left with a shortfall of £1,142.58.

Court action was taken after he refused to pay.

why give the london shitspeakers any money at all?

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