if it smells like shit and it looks like shit, what is it?

remember saddam starting talking about euro denominated oil sales, can´t remember why the idea never took off... well, now this seasons enemy is having a go. nuclear smokescreen not withstanding (and britain should know about using civilian nuclear energy as a cover for the development of weapons because that´s what it did according to tony benn) excellent links via thetruthwillsetyoufree

also see this from same blog on $ demise and stories about buffet and gates, via alex jones

"We are first world reserve currency issued by a debtor nation," Smith said. "How long will the rest of the world accept that?"

"I don't know when it happens. I don't have any idea whether it will be this month or this year or next year, but we are force-feeding [printing] dollars on to the rest of the world at the rate of close to a couple billion dollars a day, and that's going to weigh on the dollar." [Warren]

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