Dollar Rises As Foreign Investors Fund Trade Deficit

Net foreign holdings of US stocks, bonds and treasuries rose $89.0 billion from a revised $104.2 billion October figure, yet was still better than expectations of an $85 billion increase in holdings. The net influx was mainly bolstered by a record net $54.6 billion purchase of Treasuries as investors sought high returns, the result of 13 consecutive rate hikes, with relatively little risk. The sway the indicator held for the session stemmed from the month’s $64.2 billion trade deficit, as many feared the economy’s ability to attract enough investment to cover the ever present trade gap.

will see how "relatively little" risk is as usd fetish enters terminal phase :-)

<-- "The Washington-based government, which hasn't shown a profit in five years and carries the highest debt in its history, was ultimately driven out of business by costly overhead and cheap foreign competitors." enjoy!

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